November 30, 2007

The Muslim Brotherhood's 'Project'

Here's an interesting read. Interesting, that is, in the sense of the alleged Chinese proverb. There's more at the original link.

In May 2006, I introduced FrontPage readers to one such Muslim Brotherhood document known in Western counterintelligence circles as “The Project”. FrontPage readers were the first to read the entire document in English translation, obtained during a December 2001 raid on the compound of Yousef Nada, a primary international Muslim Brotherhood figure and financier.

The document is self-dated December 1982, around the time that the Muslim Brotherhood was engaged in a comprehensive organizational reworking. During this period it was determined that rather than continuing confrontation with the Arab nationalist regimes in the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood would direct their efforts elsewhere, particularly Europe, and later, the United States.

In fact, in my introduction to “The Project”, I noted the connection between this strategic planning document and the November 2005 French intifada, as well as other contemporary events in Europe:

What makes The Project so different from the standard “Death of America! Death to Israel!” and “Establish the global caliphate!” Islamist rhetoric is that it represents a flexible, multi-phased, long-term approach to the “cultural invasion” of the West. Calling for the utilization of various tactics, ranging from immigration, infiltration, surveillance, propaganda, protest, deception, political legitimacy and terrorism, The Project has served for more than two decades as the Muslim Brotherhood “master plan”. As can be seen in a number of examples throughout Europe – including the political recognition of parallel Islamist government organizations in Sweden, the recent “cartoon” jihad in Denmark, the Parisian car-burning intifada last November, and the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London – the plan outlined in The Project has been overwhelmingly successful.

The strategic plan outlined within “The Project” specifically directs the connection of Muslim minorities in the West with the global jihadist movements elsewhere in the world as the sole “suggested mission” under the document’s “Ninth Point of Departure”:


To construct a permanent force of the Islamic dawa and support movements engaged in jihad across the Muslim world, to varying degrees and insofar as possible.


To protect the dawa with the force necessary to guarantee its security at the local and international levels.

To make contact with all new movements engaged in jihad, everywhere on the planet, and with Muslim minorities, and to create links as needed to establish and support collaboration.

To maintain jihad and awakening throughout the Ummah.


To form an autonomous security force to protect the dawa and its disciples locally and worldwide.

To study movements engaged in jihad in the Muslim world, as well as among Muslim minorities, to better understand them.

c-Suggested Missions:

To build bridges between movements engaged in jihad in the Muslim world, and between Muslim minorities, and to support them insofar as possible within a framework of collaboration. [emphasis added]

This theme is also picked up in Eleventh Point of Departure where it directs Muslim Brotherhood leaders to continue to agitate their followers to keep them in what counterterror analyst Oliver Guitta has called a “jihad frame of mind” by leveraging the Palestinian jihad against Israel amongst their followers and “to breed a feeling of resentment towards the Jews and refuse any form of coexistence with them”.

This same template of continuously escalating agitation has been directed against French law enforcement. In the November 2005 intifada, the “hero” was a Muslim boy who electrocuted himself while trying to hide from pursuing police. This most recent incident over the weekend involved the death of two Muslim “youths” riding a stolen motorbike that crashed at a high rate of speed into a police vehicle. Riots around Paris began almost immediately.

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