June 13, 2009

Why communism is always violent

Violence is a part of communist theory -- the "revolution" and the "dictatorship of the proletariat" are based on violence and are part of classic Marxism.

Moreover, violence is inevitable in attempting to force communism on any society, rich or poor. That's because communism relies on destroying individual ownership of property, which can only be accomplished by force.

Finally, communism flies in the face of human nature, so it inevitably fails to work. Communist leaders see this failure, and since they believe their ideology cannot be at fault, reason that it must be because of saboteurs. They then thrash about wildly, finding these "saboteurs" and persecuting them. When this fails, they assume there must be more saboteurs, and so the killing spreads.

This has been a consistent pattern among almost all communist regimes.

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December 23, 2008

Whither the news?

Many people raise the question of where we will get information as newspapers and other mainstream media fold. When newspapers finally cease to exist, we will still get news.

I can think of three good sources already.

(1) Media releases and other information provided by corporations, institutions, political parties and lobby groups. Of course, this will be biased, but no more so than the existing media. As it is, much 'journalism' consists of transcribing these sources anyway.

(2) Citizen reporting. With mobile phones becoming ubiquitous, capable of taking photos and even sending video streams in real time, it is increasingly likely that someone will be present at a breaking news event, recording it on the spot.

(3) Interested amateurs -- bloggers with a day job who are enthusiastic enough to pursue a story and analyse the details. We have quite a few good ones already.

I think that with the demise of the mainstream media, we will only get more and better news.

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